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About our Team

Nx2 Development puts together a bunch of passionate minds to transform your visions into reality. Imparting an awesome digital experience for your users through quality web design and development. 


Our team understands how complex and overwhelming the web design process can be, therefore, we have developed an approach that keeps the client informed and in control at all times. We don’t assume. We arrive at solutions through careful inferences.

We deeply value relationships with the businesses we partner with. Above all, business relationships take time to develop. It’s an investment for us, and it compounds over time.

World-Class Website Development and Hosting


Zero downtime is guaranteed. Perfect load-balancing and redundancy features which are representing the High-Availability basic principles deservedly.


The highly sophisticated security architecture provides superior protection, exceeding industry standards by far.


We ensure that every website runs on a load-balanced fleet of systems in order to achieve maximum acceleration, advanced server-side caching as well as lightning-fast, scalable and robust page rendering.


A solid SEO foundation means better search results. We provide an excellent user experience that Google rewards with higher search rankings.

Mobile Responsive Design

Around 65% of web traffic globally comes from mobile devices. Every site designed and developed by Nx2 Development comes with an excellent mobile responsive version. Therefore your website loads faster and with ease to any kind of device, setting up the best first impression on Android, iPhones, iPads, workstations, and everything in-between. As a result, your website will bring only good comments and a joyful mood, to everyone who reacts to it.

Great Communication and Support

You may be able to update your website, but you just don’t have enough time to deal with it… (?)
Don’t worry! Our website maintenance services have you covered!
For our web maintenance services, we monitor your website weekly to ensure that the design is still functional, scalable, and responsive. Furthermore, we are always performing fast checks for all internal links to ensure that they are working flawlessly. Moreover, we could add content, modify content for SEO needs, but also upgrade features or plugins for increased security and functionality, upon your request!

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